Yesterday the International Conference on Benefits and Challenges of Public Private Partnerships for improving Energy Efficiency was held at Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana, organized by International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) and international network Knowledge Economy Network (KEN). Exceptional conference was also attended by numerous distinguished guests, among whom were the Vice-president of European Investment Bank (EIB), Anton Rop, M.Sc., President of Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, prof. Ernest Petrič, Ph.D., representative of European Commission, Stefano Panighetti, representative of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Rainer Stifter, representative of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Karim Dahou, Director general of ICPE, Janez Podobnik, President of KEN, Boris Cizelj, Ph.D., and many other representatives of organizations and institutions from the fields of economy, entrepreneurship and diplomacy.

We Invite you to view exclusive video report of, with statements of prominent guests.

Other Notable International Activities:

VIDEO REPORT of the panel »Competitiveness of Slovenia as seen from Foreign Direct Investors«, prepared by JAPTI within the international investors' conference and “investo Expo” exposition, organized by VZMD (Ljubljana, October 2012)

VIDEO OVERVIEW of European Federation of Financial Services Users (EuroFinuse) from International Conference on Financial Education and other events within »Investors' Week« in Slovenia (Ljubljana, October 2012)

VIDEO REPORT "Ljubljana declaration" – historic decision on unification of 50 organizations of shareholders and investors under one association and VZMD award »Polet« for »Model corporate governance in multinational corporation« to Gorenje company (Ljubljana, September 21, 2012)

Mayor's reception for investo Expo, FDI Summit and Ljubljana Forum, at the conferring of awards VZMD-Euroshareholders “Shareholders’ Friendly Company” to Krka company, and “FDI Award” to Odelo company (Ljubljana, September 20, 2012)

Gala reception and dinner before International Conference on financial education and investors` exposition »investo Expo« (Ljubljana, September 19, 2012)

VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT – Investors' Week 2012 – Largest Meeting of Investors' Representatives (Ljubljana, June 2012)

Investors' Representatives Discuss the Up-Coming Investors' Week (Ljubljana, May 2012)

WFI President, Jean-Pierre Paelinck, Lectures in Seoul, South Korea (South Korea, May 2012)

VIDEO REPORT - and VZMD Actively Participate at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange's Slovene Capital Market Day 2012 for the Third Year (Ljubljana, April 2012)

VIDEO REPORT - Kapital 2012 - Active Participation of the VZMD,, (Ljubljana, April 2012)

VIDEO REPORT - Prominent Participants of Two Key International Conferences in Bled, India and Slovenia as Business Partners and CloudForum, Show Interest in the Investors’ Week in September in Slovenia (Bled, March 2012)

VIDEO REPORT - International Conference at the Brussels Stock Exchange Stimulated Investors' Representatives and Institutions to Participate at the Investors' Week 2012 in September in Slovenia (Brussels, March 2012)

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS from the Euroshareholders & VZMD Award Ceremony, Holiday Party, and Announcement of the World's Largest Meeting of Investors' Representatives in 2012 in Slovenia (Ljubljana, December 2011)

VIDEO REPORT - The Arrival of the President of the WFIC - World Federation of Investors Corporation, Who Will Announce the Largest Meeting of Investors' Representatives, Which the VZMD Will Organize Next Year in Slovenia, and the Recipients of the "Most Shareholder Friendly" and "Courageous Market Steps" Awards, Which Will Be Presented to the CEOs of Mercator and Nova KBM at the VZMD Reception Ceremony (Ljubljana, December 2011)

Very Successful Visit of the AEMEC Conference and at the Headquarters of Santander Bank in Madrid (Madrid, November 2011)

EUROSHAREHOLDERS General Assembly - Slovenia voted as Member of the Board; Russia and EFES Accepted as Associate Members; General Secretary, President, and Vice-Presidents Elected to Another Term; Next Assembly to Be Held in Slovenia (The Hague, October 2011)

The World Federation of Investors' Corporation (WFIC) General Meeting in Warsaw - Next Year the WFIC GM Will Be in Ljubljana; The Newly Established Affiliate of - Invest to Slovenia, - Invest to Montenegro, Was Elected as a New Association Member (Warsaw, October 2011)

"Slovenian Day at the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE)" Exceptional Interest of Funds, Investors, and the Financial Media for Slovenian Companies and Its Investment Environment - The Introduction of - Invest to Slovenia's Newly Founded Affiliate, - Invest to Montenegro (Warsaw, October 2011)

VIDEO COMMENTARIES from other international events (please click on the picture below to view):

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