On Wednesday, March 28th, 2012, Kristjan Verbič, the President of the VZMD – PanSlovenian Shareholders' Association, and Sarah Kavšek, the Secretary General, along with over 70 other business professionals, actively participated at the "India and Slovenia as Business Partners" Roundtable, which was organized by the Embassy of India to Slovenia, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, and the IEDC School of Management in Bled, where the event was also held (click on the picture to the left to view the VIDEO REPORT).  The welcome speech and introductions were given by Danica Purg, the President of the IEDC, H.E. Jayakar Jerome, the Ambassador of India to Slovenia, Marjan Hribar, the General Director of the Slovenian Directorate for Tourism and Internationalization, and Samo Hribar Milič, the President and General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.  The keynote speech, which was addressed by Dilip Chaudhary, the Secretary of the Department of Public Enterprises for the Government of India, discussed the opportunities that India possesses and the advantages that Slovenian companies have by entering this market.   The very interesting and invigorating panel delved into the numerous various Slovenian businesses that have penetrated the Indian market and their overall experiences.

After the discussion on the Indian and Slovenian business potential, the VZMD representatives joined the first-ever CloudForum, which organized by BledForum, the Center for e-Governance Development, and ConsaltaIt emphasized the necessity and potential of Information technology, which is one of the driving forces behind a successful and lucrative business.  The keynote speech given by Jose Cordeiro, the Director of the Venezuela Node of the Millennium Project, spotlighted the future of technology and technology of the future from the IT standpoint.  Other prominent speakers also included Blaž Golob, the Director of the Center for e-Governance Development in Southeast Europe, Biljana Weber, the General Director of Microsoft Slovenia, and others.

TLargest International_Meeting_-_Slovenia_2012he numerous participants of both events in Bled were very enthusiastic about the upcoming Investors' Week 2012, which will be hosted by the VZMD through its investo.si – Invest to Slovenia program, and will be taking place from the 19th to the 23rd of September in Ljubljana.  It will comprise of over 100 representatives and over 50 national associations of investors and shareholders, including members of EuroFinuse – European Federation of Financial Services Users, Euroshareholders – European Organization of Shareholders Associations, and the WFIC – World Federation of Investors Corporation, which together just in Europe embody over 4 million individual investors and shareholders.

This will mark the first time that all three prominent organizations and its members will meet simultaneously.  Numerous investors' representatives from many national organizations will visit Ljubljana including the Chairman of the WFIC, Roger H. Ganser (USA), the President of the WFIC, Jean-Pierre Paelinck (Belgium), the Vice President of the WFIC, Frank Fumio Kaneko (Japan), Robert Dannenberg (Brazil), Aldo Sicurani (France), the Vice President of the Russian Federation of Investors, Aleksey Smirnov, the President of Euroshareholders and EuroFinuse, Jella Benner-Heinacher (Germany), the Secretary General of Euroshareholders, Guillaume Prache (Belgium), the Vice Presidents of Euroshareholders, Günther Mårder (Sweden) and Jan Maarten Slagter (the Netherlands), along with many other representatives.  The VZMD, through its investo.si program and along with other partners, will organize the first-ever "Investors' Week," which will be a two-day investors' convention where a wide range of Slovenian and international industries and products will be represented and promoted with the hope of establishing new relations and capital for the participating guests. Furthermore, at the Investors' Week, conference sessions, discussion groups, educational workshops, and an Expo will be offered for visitors and guests, providing a proactive approach to gain knowledge from experts.

We cordially invite all companies, institutions, and the Slovenian as well as international community in general to partake and participate at the event. We also warmly welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas to truly make this a memorable experience for all participants who will be attending this event of the year, where the investors' world will meet in Ljubljana.


Other Notable International Activities:

VIDEO REPORT - International Conference at the Brussels Stock Exchange Stimulated Investors' Representatives and Institutions to Participate at the Investors' Week 2012 in September in Slovenia (Brussels, March 2012)
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Very Successful Visit of the AEMEC Conference and at the Headquarters of Santander Bank in Madrid (Madrid, November 2011)
EUROSHAREHOLDERS General Assembly - Slovenia voted as Member of the Board; Russia and EFES Accepted as Associate Members; General Secretary, President, and Vice-Presidents Elected to Another Term; Next Assembly to Be Held in Slovenia (The Hague, October 2011)
The World Federation of Investors' Corporation (WFIC) General Meeting in Warsaw - Next Year the WFIC GM Will Be in Ljubljana; The Newly Established Affiliate of investo.si - Invest to Slovenia, investo.me - Invest to Montenegro, Was Elected as a New Association Member (Warsaw, October 2011)
"Slovenian Day at the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE)" Exceptional Interest of Funds, Investors, and the Financial Media for Slovenian Companies and Its Investment Environment - The Introduction of investo.si - Invest to Slovenia's Newly Founded Affiliate, investo.me - Invest to Montenegro (Warsaw, October 2011)