"Slovenian Day at the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE)" Exceptional Interest of Funds, Investors, and the Financial Media for Slovenian Companies and Its Investment Environment - The Introduction of investo.si - Invest to Slovenia's Newly Founded Affiliate, investo.me - Invest to Montenegro

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PLAY VIDEO - Slovenian Day at the Warsaw Stock Exchange - October 6 2011 

Last week, the President and the Secretary General of the VZMD - PanSlovenian Shareholders' Association returned from their work-related trip in Warsaw, where they actively participated at the Annual General Meeting of the WFIC - World Federation of Investors Corporation and the day before, October 6, 2011, at the first "Slovenian Day at the WSE," which was co-organized by the WSE, the SII - Polish Individual Investors' Association, the VZMD and its independent investo.si - Invest to Slovenia program, which in the last year partook at numerous events throughout Europe and internationally and represented Slovenian companies and the investment potentials of Slovenia and the South-eastern region of Europe (see the brochure at the bottom of this message).

Besides the representatives of the WSE, many investors, funds, and the financial media were also present, along with the honorary guests, the representative of the Croatian Embassy in Poland, the Montenegrin Ambassador in Poland, and the Slovenian Ambassador in Poland, who impressed the audience with his speech.  Beside the two Slovenian companies that actively participated at the event and presented their companies to the audience, Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor, d.d., which is already listed on the WSE, and the Triglav Insurance Group, twelve other companies were also presented with their promotional and informative materials.  In accordance with the first-ever "Slovenian Day at the WSE," the newly established affiliate, investo.me - Invest to Montenegro, of the investo.si - Invest to Slovenia program was introduced as a special guest and the next day, at the WFIC Annual General Meeting, investo.me was also adopted as a member of this honored federation.

In the opinion of many present at the event, the investment opportunities and potential of the Republic of Slovenia and the surrounding region was very well presented (see the Program of the event to the left).  In fact, it was happily concluded that it was not a mode of propaganda but, quite the opposite, a way to bring to light the facts and advantages of Slovenia and show evidence of the interest and lucrative reasons for being listed on the WSE, the largest capital market in Central Europe (larger than the Vienna Stock Exchange or the Budapest Stock Exchange), where over 400 different companies from many different sectors are listed, including the Slovenian Nova KBM.  In addition, the WSE has high liquidity for securities and is extremely compatible for companies searching for fresh capital, since it has many individual and large financial investors, while having a highly competitive capital market.