Municipality of Piran


  • Street: Tartinijev trg 2
  • Postcode: 6330
  • City: Piran
  • Country: Slovenia


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The sites from south to the north connect the coast between Portotož and Piran.

On one hand:
the site, which is quite specific in its narrow form between steep coast (which is more like a
cliff that limits us on the east side ) and the see at the west side

And on the other hand:

We have to respect very strong regulation by the law which protect the coastal zone and
require 30 meters distance of the waterfront.

The linear space that connect Portorož with Piran as a site doesn’t allow many places to
develop new buildings, but instead of this have a great open space,

- which is west oriented,
- with a nice view on Piran
- without any building that would be placed between coastal road and the seaside

The project deals also with many ideas of local initiatives with programs which can cause
partial and not associated development without general idea of the planning strategy.

The site has also some great historic architecture like Salvetti factory, which is protected as

heritage from a period of 19th century.
The new interventions should be integrated in the space in the way, that the historical parts
are represented in proper way.

So it’s necessary to have overview of the program, potential and qualities and then to

combine those inputs, rethink the form, and bring it to certain collage which result the new
identity of the space with the general design and planning strategy.

Like Aleš said the main issue is that it has to be contextualized

  • How the traffic with existing parking should be replaced and regulated
  • How to attract public space that have to be used for recreation and leisure - not just
  • in summer but very important also in other seasons which are getting more and more
  • attractive for tourists
  • How to convert existing buildings to commercial use,( now we are dealing mostly with
  • retail and housing )
  • and how to represent the historic building in a proper way accordind the new
  • functions


The architect job was to reinvent or let’s say rediscover the methods of designing the open
space with green areas and gardens with implementation of service building like restaurants,
accessory rooms, showers, etc. which should not appear like a build structure.

The site is arranged in a way that we have located two “knots” which are the rounaraond on

the north side and Salvetti square on the south part. In between we have subdivided areas
that provide different activities of the public space.


In the middle we are dealing with the widest part of the coast which. It’s concept generate

many spatial qualities

including the completely removal of parking places,
replacement of traffic
we implement the park with gardens
reconstruction of the seafront with wave breakers

In this part of the site we tried to design the building in the edge of existing structure. The
building is designed as the hotel with capacity of 60 rooms in three floors and public facilities
in the ground floor.

The park is subdivided to single gardens for the multipurpose use like playground, sunbathe,

Access to the water made out of wooden platforms….. the wave breaker give the sound and
noise of seawater


Nearby is a Salvetti square in front of new intervention about contemporary architecture
design of swimming bath, which should be placed with the maximum capacity of attractive
accesses to the water and offer different swimming qualities.

According to design we planned the bath area which should

  • protect people from waves and wind,
  • should protect you from the sun and
  • give the properly access into the water.

We used the idea of building the wooden platforms with bonded ship which has

reconstructed ship-hull and is used as swimming pool.

Facilities which include changing rooms with showers and lockers are situated under the
open stand that is used as the public amphitheater around the square.

The square is an important architectural intervention that:

FIRST define entrance to Fornače from the public garage,
SECONDLY regulate the traffic,
and allows different events to be placed in front of the auditorium

Concerts, theater, market with local products,….


On the south is a place which has to deal with the existing condition of public building. There

have to be redesigned the space between existing buildings and see front with arrangement
of restaurants and public services with small gardens “giardini” in front of them to get some
kind of “Riviera”

which comes from Italian term “Liguria” from the Middle Ages but still appear very

On the sea side there have to be arranged the marine fore daily boat ports and local ports
which is another attraction.


Back to the north side of the site there needs to be arranged new bus station which is again
designed as architectural landscape with the path over the roof and great views from there to
old town Piran.

Nearby is the area for sport facilities and services under the open stand.

There are some ideas as well like reconstruction of existing restaurant on the seaside which
has to be replaced with the new building that will enable the view on historical old town.

Generally the whole idea deals with the concept of planning the architectural landscape that
allows us to combine the building structure with the open space in the same way.

The approach to this methods allows us to recover the devastated area with offering the all
necessary facilities for public use and protecting the open space.

The landscape carpet and it design is arranged as a ground, facade and a roof.

We hope that the presentation might be interested for you and that you could recognize the
interests of the local government.

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