Krka, d. d.


  • Street: Šmarješka cesta 6
  • Postcode: 8501
  • City: Novo mesto
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • 3000 - 10000
  • Krka, with its products, is present on many markets in different parts of the world. Our business strategy includes the goal of a balanced selling strategy in five different regions:

    • Slovenia,
    • South-East Europe,
    • East Europe,
    • Central Europe, and
    • West Europe and Overseas Markets.


  • Contact Person: Peter Skubic
  • Position : Head of Capital Markets
  • Department: Finance Division
  • Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Contact Phone: +386 7 331 2109

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Our Group offers the customers a variety of logistical solutions in the area of continental, sea and air transport, in terminal services and customs broking. We organize door-to-door transport, express delivery and courier services, direct groupage and consolidation lines with all European countries, warehousing and distribution. We also offer shipping agency services and border despatch in our range.

Krka – At the Forefront of European Generic Pharmaceuticals

Krka, d. d., Novo mesto is a public limited company based in Novo mesto, Slovenia. Its business results make it one of Slovenia’s most successful companies, with a competitive edge extending well beyond national borders. It is one of the top generic drug manufacturing pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe, broadening its activities in Western markets, while at the same time maintaining its advantage in markets, which extend from Russia to Lisbon.

A Brief History

Krka has come a long way in the more than fifty years of its existence and development. In April 1954, a small pharmaceutical laboratory was founded in Novo mesto. This laboratory has since become a strong and successful international company with its state-of-the-art production facilities and research laboratories.

The initial phase of the company’s development included the establishment of a pharmaceutical production plant and research laboratory, followed by the registration of the first patent and the introduction of cosmetic products, as well as the first export ventures. In the following years, the company also entered the tourism and health resort services; it started making considerable investments in research and development, developing its own generic drugs. Furthermore, it started penetrating foreign markets and spreading its marketing network by funding companies and representative offices abroad.

Krka’s Activities and Markets

Krka has grown to become an international company with almost 7,000 employees, and is present in more than 70 markets around the world. It is the leading pharmaceutical producer in Slovenia (13% of overall sales), but its largest markets are in Central Europe (26%), where the key market is Poland, followed by the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and others. Central European markets are followed by markets in Eastern Europe (23%), with the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and others, and South-Eastern Europe (17%), where the largest markets are Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. An increasingly important share of sales represent also markets in Western Europe and overseas markets (21%). The most important markets in this region are Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavian countries and Italy. Krka products are also sold in Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Far East.

In addition to the 33 companies and representative offices abroad, the company’s international presence is consolidated through its own production plants in Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Croatia and, now in Germany as well. Recently Krka signed the contract with the PHW business group to purchase the company TAD GmbH.

Krka’s main business is in pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The company is primarily focused on in-house development of high-quality generic medicines with added value, marketed as branded generics. The company’s main products are medicines for human consumption. The majority of its products, over 81%, are prescription pharmaceuticals. The product range is carefully selected to cover the most common modern diseases. New products are therefore mainly being developed for four key areas: the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, infections, gastrointestinal and metabolic and central nervous system disorders. Krka’s new active pharmaceutical ingredient plant, called Sinteza 4, is used to produce the active pharmaceutical ingredients for the medicines that will form Krka’s most promising sales programmes over the next five to ten years.

Prescription pharmaceuticals are followed by self-medication products which represent 11% of total sales, and cosmetics (1%). Krka makes veterinary products, which account for 3% of overall sales. Krka’s business is complemented by health-resort and tourist services which are provided by its subsidiary Terme Krka, which account for 4% of overall sales.

In 2007 the Krka Group achieved sales of products and services worth well over EUR 780 million, which is 17% more than in 2006, while the Krka Group's net profit amounted to more than EUR 130 million. The proportion of exports in the total Group sales increased, with exports worth well over EUR 679 million equalling 87% of the Group’s sales.

Development and Strategic Goals

Krka pays special attention to development. That is the only way to keep up with similar international companies and to maintain a competitive edge in markets worldwide. The company is working intensely on the development of generic pharmaceutical products with added value, which are the result of its own knowledge. All its pharmaceuticals are of high quality, and are safe and effective, and are marketed under Krka's own brand names, ensuring marketing advantage and recognition in the generic drug market, where competition is – as elsewhere – becoming more and more intense. New pharmaceuticals are constantly being added to the wide range of Krka products, enabling the company to enter new domains of therapeutic application.

Krka's key strategic orientations and goals include general development; focusing on key markets; giving priority to European and Central Asian markets; strengthening their pharmaceutical and chemical activities; strengthening the recognition and positive public image of the company; taking care of the environment; introducing new products; and strengthening its marketing-sales network.

Krka achieves its strategic goals and builds good long-term relations with its partners through intensive investment in the knowledge and creativity of its over seven thousand employees.



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