KD Skladi


  • Street: Dunajska cesta 63
  • Postcode: 1000
  • City: Ljubljana
  • Country: Slovenia


  • Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Contact Phone: +386 (0)1 582 67 80

Contact for institutional investors: +386(0)1 582 68 66 (Mr Matej Tomažin, President of the Management Board)

KD Skladi (KD Funds) - Management Company LLC is the oldest management company in Slovenia, with local presence in South-East Europe (SEE). The firm was established in 1994 and is headquartered in Ljubljana. KD Funds has a strong reputation in the management of mutual funds and regional CEE/SEE portfolios for well-informed investors. Today, KD Funds is one of leading Slovenian management companies. In 18 years of its operation, the company has expanded its range of products to 17 subfunds (operating under the KD Umbrella Fund) and mutual fund KD Equity Income. Currently we have around 400 million EUR held in our mutual funds and mandates. We have investment professionals in offices throughout SEE with unparalleled knowledge of the region and a competitive edge with regard to the emerging and frontier markets of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Our focus also includes raising corporate governance standards and the integrity of capital markets through active dialogue and a hands-on approach. We are therefore constantly on the road so that we can communicate with companies, their customers and competition. As one of leading Slovenian management companies with years of experience we actively manage equity and fixed interest securities throughout Central and South Eastern Europe. We invest money of our investors worldwide managing 18 subfunds from money market fund, a bond mutual fund and fund of funds to regional and sectoral equity investment funds. Due to this we offer to the investors a full range of options from non-risk products (money market fund) to more risky products (certain regionally and sectorially focused funds). We have extensive experience running portfolios covering the Central (CEE) and South Eastern European (SEE) region that has been the core focus of our investment team. They also closely monitor the global macro-economic environment as an input for the regional and sectorial allocation of the portfolios. We've been an innovator in the Slovenian market, managing the oldest Slovenian mutual fund KD Galileo, creating the first Slovenian fund of funds and money market fund. We’ve won the Lipper award (The Wall Street Journal Europe; category: Balanced/Multi-Asset Funds) for KD Galileo and numerous other awards for management of portfolios.


  • KD Funds helps investors protect and multiply their assets and achieve their savings targets. Through our knowledge, experience and tradition we are able to maintain the trust of our investors.
  • To build long-term relationships with our investors, employees, owners and society as a whole in order to strengthen our market presence.


  • To become a leading provider of asset management services for those wishing to invest in Central and South-Eastern Europe, offering products to suit the investor needs.


  • KD Funds excel in terms of professionalism, ethics, quality and innovation.

Why to invest in CEE/SEE region?

Eastern European region is simply too attractive an opportunity to ignore. These markets are on the radar of global investors as part of global emerging allocations. Convergence was and remains the core theme in CEE and SEE, due to this we believe that the process will benefit all economies and can benefit our potential investors. Our goal in participation on this event is to attract potential investors from bank, insurance and financial service – institutional investors, who are willing to penetrate into these markets.

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