BTC, d.d.


  • Street: Šmartinska 152
  • Postcode: 1533
  • City: Ljubljana
  • Country: Slovenia


  • Contact Person: Matic Žehelj
  • Department: Public Relations
  • Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Contact Phone: +38615851510
  • Fax: +38615851376

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The results achieved so far point to stable growth and sustainable development of BTC. The company is divided into four business units - two in Ljubljana, one in Murska Sobota and one in Novo Mesto. With the exception of the Logistics Centre all the business units keep to the same concept as BTC City - they are designed as lively meeting points of consumers, business people and visitors seeking fun and recreation. In addition to good business results, development is also reflected in improving business reputation, image and public opinion ratings. BTC d.d. is largely owned by its present and former employees and its management. Ajdacom d.d. is owned by the employees and the management, whereas the stakeholders of Invest point d.o.o. hold managerial positions in BTC d.d. In 2001 BTC d.d. carried out an employee-management buy-out and thus consolidated its ownership structure. Following this ownership restructuring the investment activity of the company intensified, as in the 2001-2005 BTC invested as much as € 70 million. In addition to that thanks to their confidence and the long-term stability of BTC's ownership our partners in the same period invested roughly € 65 million in the area of BTC City. Since the employee-management buy-out the number of jobs in BTC d.d. has been on the increase.

After intense restructuring of the original premises and reorganisation taking more than a decade, BTC d.d. developed into a property manager that together with its business partners provides for a balanced mix of business, shopping, recreational, entertainment and cultural activities at a single location. The decade-long radical restructuring stems from long-term plans which enabled sustainable development. This was underpinned by the dedication and commitment of the management and staff, high investments and perseverance. As a public limited company BTC was incorporated in 1990, succeeding a socially-owned company, which dated back to 1954. In the 1977- 1987 period that original company was a successful warehouser and distributor that grew into the largest inland terminal in Europe. In 1990 it started a thorough restruction and conversion of 200,000 m2 of its warehouse premises, thus becoming a property manager that offered a balanced range of business, shopping, sports, recreation, entertainment and cultural activities.