Slovenia's construction sector witnessed a vigorous renaissance during recent years, the most remarkable in the history of the country. The volume of all works, both as regards civil engineering infrastructure projects (in particular motorways, energy facilities and cleaning plants) as well as the construction of commercial and residential facilities, underwent rapid expansion. This upturn in the domestic sector can, to a great degree, be attributed to investment optimism following Slovenia's EU accession and the adoption of euro. Concurrently, the operations of Slovenian construction enterprises abroad have remained steady over recent years, and the largest foreign markets are in the Russian Federation and Southeastern Europe. As a consequence of this most recent impetus to growth, the domestic sector in particular has been facing a labour shortage, which has in turn necessitated the employment of foreign workers, a large number of whom hail from the Balkan states.

A relatively high volume of investment into transport infrastructure is anticipated over the coming years, and new motorway construction will be complemented by the modernisation and upgrade of Slovenia's rail network. Further to this, the energy and environment protection sectors will also remain of immense importance. As regards the private sector, the favourable trend of investment into all types of commercial capacities - in particular tourism, processing industries and trade - is expected to continue, while the construction of housing shall also continue, although it's unlikely to sustain the high growth rates achieved over recent years. A more intense penetration of those foreign markets in which Slovenian companies have already established a presence is anticipated, while those EU states in which a more liberal labour force market exists are also envisaged as enjoying good potential.

The establishment of the Construction Sector Development Fund, within the Slovenian Construction Technology Platform (, is aimed at the development and co-financing of R&D projects by Slovenian enterprises. Government support and EU funding is intended to promote and facilitate sustainable-development oriented construction and civil engineering projects.

Leading companies:

  • Begrad, Novo Mesto (
  • Cestno podjetje Ljubljana (
  • CGP, Novo Mesto (
  • CM Celje (
  • CPM, Maribor (
  • Energoplan, Ljubljana (
  • Granit, Slovenska Bistrica (
  • Kraški Zidar, Sežana (
  • Primorje, Ajdovščina (
  • SCT, Ljubljana (
  • SGP Pomgrad, Murska Sobota (
  • SGP Tehnik Škofja loka (
  • Vegrad, Velenje (

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