Large companies in the field of pharmaceuticals and chemicals have placed Slovenia among Central Europe's leading countries in this sector, and their steps are followed by a host of small audacious enterprises, working in such specialist fields as bio chips, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetic engineering and industrial biotechnology.

Slovenia's leading chemical companies successfully compete on European and global markets. In 2006 this sector had an aggregate income of 4.3 billion euros, 72% of which were generated on foreign markets.

Successful R&D and a relatively long tradition of pharmaceuticals production, in conjunction with the construction of a number of new production facilities and commensurate distribution systems, single out Slovenia as one of the largest providers of pharmaceuticals in the broader region. Two of Slovenia's largest companies, Krka and Lek, belong to this sector, and export nearly 90% of their production, in addition to which both have several plants and research facilities abroad. Following its acquisition by Novartis in 2002, Lek became a member of the Sandoz Group of companies.

Leading companies

Leading research institutions

  • Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Maribor (
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Ljubljana (
  • Jo┼żef Stefan Institute (
  • National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia (

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