The automotive sector plays a very significant role in the national economy. Despite the ongoing relocation of production facilities to more distant lands, this sector continues to develop in Europe. Slovenian enterprises are ever more innovation-oriented, they aim to reinforce their competitiveness and create greater added value. Their involvement in international development partnerships is one of the prerequisites of the competitiveness that these companies have certainly mastered.

Slovenia annually manufactures over 2 billion euros worth of vehicle components, and exports in this sector surpass 1.7 billion euros, a figure that corresponds to approximately 8% of the nation's goods exports.

The manufacture of vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers coachwork is a highly competitive business. In this sector the proportion of labour costs as regards value added is more favourable than in - for example - Austria, Italy and France, and in 2006 it attained a higher value per employee than any of the aforementioned countries.

Renault has had production capacities in Slovenia since 1972, while the assembly of the new Twingo model was begun exclusively at the Revoz plant in Novo Mesto. Hidria, a member of Slovenian Solar and Thermal Technological Platform, provides innovative, ecologically-oriented solutions for the automotive sector and for the industry of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. High quality and excellent technical performance is reflected in the products of Iskra Avtoelektrika, a wellestablished European manufacturer of components for the automotive and mobile hydraulics industries. Efficient and well respected component manufacturers for the automotive sector also encompass many other Slovenian enterprises, such as Unior ( - castings; the TPV Group ( - car seats, seat frames, punch pressed components; SEP ( - elements for ventilation and air conditioning systems, windshield and headlamp washer systems; TBP ( - bowden cables; TAB ( - starter and many other types of battery.

The Automotive Cluster of Slovenia ( - encompasses vehicle and component manufacturers that together engender annual revenues in the region of 2.3 billion euros, 80% of which are generated on foreign markets. The ACS supports further value enhancement through fostering and promoting research and development activities that engender evermore-advanced products and systems.

Leading companies

  • Adria Mobil (
  • Akrapovič (
  • Cimos (
  • Hidria (
  • Iskra Avtoelektrika (
  • Kolektor (
  • Prevent (
  • Revoz (
  • TCG Unitech (
  • TPV (
  • Unior Zreče (

Automotive Cluster of Slovenia - Members

Chromium, nickel, zinc, silver, copper, tin and gold electroplating service on steel, copper and brass

AGIS PLUS d.o.o.

Driver's seats, seat mechanisms, locks and closing mechanisms, shield openers, rear view mirrors and other equipment

AKA PCB d.o.o.

SS Printed circuit boards on all standard laminates; Lead free ready, Aluminium base material; STH - Silver Trough Hole Printing; Silver jumpers; Carbon conductive pastes; PCB assembly SMT, TH, manua

ALPMETAL & CO. d.o.o.

All tipes of casts from aluminium, zamak allowy and plastics are made according to the client's demands. Casts ? products always meet the client's demand according to the form, solidity, type of the material and colour

AREX d.o.o.

Plastics and metal products for automotive industry

Atotech Slovenia d.d. Door parts with Cr (VI) - free corosium protection, highest corosium protection with zinc-, nickel alloys, automotive parts with hard chromium

CAT logistic transportna d.o.o.

Logistics services for automotive industry.

Cimos, avtomobilska industrija d.d. Development and production of different systems (pedal boxes, hand brakes, gearshift mechanism, hinges, intake and exhaust manifolds, flywheels, engine-, pump- and alternator mountings, turbocompressor parts, ...)

DIFA d.o.o.

Casting parts of Zn and Al, mechanically and galvanicaly treated parts made by injecting moulding of plastics

DOMEL d.d.

Tools making for automotive industry

ELVEZ d.o.o.

Cable harnesses and cable confection for automotive industry, various power cords, injection moulded plastic parts for the automotive, electric and machine industry, assembling of various complexes and links

EMO Orodjarna d.o.o.

Progressive and transfer tools for automotive industry

EMO-TECH d.o.o. Šempeter

Tools for sheet metal recasting, welding, control, measuring and other devices automation of industrial plants and machines, processing machine services

ETI GUM d.o.o.

Plastic filters for automotive industry, valve stem seals, motor head seales for car engines, silicon caps for car front lights

GOODYEAR Engineered Products Europe, KRANJ

Power transmission rubber products, air springs, autohoses

Gorenje Orodjarna d.o.o.

Sheet Metal Tools, Injection Moulds, Styrofoam Tools

HELIOS TBLUS Kolicevo d.o.o.

Finishes for car industry: cataphoresis, sealers, single and two-layer coatings, clearcoats


Flywheel magnetos, oxide ceramics, diesel heater components


Special and capacitor electric motors, die - cast rotors, die - cast parts, fine blanked parts, lamination, fans and impellers

Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d.

Starter motors, alternators, DC commutator motors, BLPM - brushless permanent magnet motors, AC induction motors, electronic controllers, switches, ignition coils, cold forged metal parts, aluminium castings, plastic components, tools, special machines and devices

Iskra EMS d.o.o.

Switches (pressure, push, wipp switches), headlamp leveling system, automobile interiors lighting, plastic components

Iskra ISD d.d.

Parts made by injecting moulding of plastics, turned parts and electroplating, die cast parts made of aluminium alloys

Iskra Mehanizmi d.d.

Small synchronous and stepping motors, automotive components: mirror and headlight regulators and other actuators, lamp supports and sockets, hydraulic switches, valves and BILED display systems

Iskra TELA d.d.

ITC d.o.o. Parts for automotive industry


Cutting and sewing, polyurethane foaming, assembly of conventional small parts, TEM 10, pour in place of small parts

KGL, d.o.o.

Stamping: bearing ring (inner, outer), parts for electromotor, alternators and starters; assembling parts for trains, parts for motorbikes, cylinders for small engines, parts for cars (parts for pedals, holders etc.); turning: parts for turbochargers, parts for electromotor, alternators and starters; machining: supports, distance plates, cylinders for small engines

Kovinoplastika Lož d.d.

R&D capabilities on the tooling for sheet metal forming and die Casting, Assembling Machines, Assembly Machines, production of stamping components, die-casting components

LIV Postojna d.d.

Vacuum cleaners and accessories water cisterns and armatures, sanitary and sink traps, plastic pipes and co - operative services for the automotive industry

MAGNETI Ljubljana d.d.

Anisotropic and isotropic metallic magnets, heat treatment of high-alloy steels in vacuums, non magnetic iron based sinter parts, Engineering in metallurgic equipment, metric techniques for the assessment of magnetic measurements and equipment for magnetizing and demagnetising


ARC welding, spot welding, tig welding, handling, palletising, deburring, grinding, polishing, assembling, sealing, measuring, plasma cutting, water jet cutting

Plamtex d.o.o.

Injection moulding plastics parts and tools.

Polycom Škofja Loka d.o.o

Plastic parts for car industry

PRESEK d.o.o.

Various load - bearing and connecting parts, reinforcements and supports, housings, spacers, clips, washers, braces, other various small metal parts


Car seat covers, foam products (moulded, cutted, integrated), plastic parts for the car interior and exterior, car modules (armrests), brake systems, laminating (textile and leather); threads and tapes

PS CIMOS TAM Ai d.o.o.

Drop forgings, rear drive axle, front steer axle, gearbox, transfer case, mechanical steering, brakes

RESISTEC UPR d.o.o. & Co.k.d.

Wire wound resistors

RIKO d.o.o.

Engineering of metallurgical processes, of machining in automotive and other industries, of metal forming processes, of thermal hardening and heating processing, of welding procedures and equipment, of surface protection processing, of assembly systems, of measuring procedures and testing methods and engineering in production of plastic products

ROTO d.o.o.

Advertisement boards and signs

SEP d.o.o.

WS-HL Washer bottles, AC Air ducts, Nozzles, Connectors, Blow moulding

SILIKO d.o.o.

Construction and manufacture of tools for jetting rubber and Production of rubber products, combination of metal&rubber and combination of plastic&rubber products

Štore Steel d.o.o.

Processing of steel for automotive industry

TAB d.d.

Starter batteries, industrial batteries

TALUM d.d.

Foundry alloys, extrusion billets, slugs and discs, evaporators, width and narrow strip

TBP d.d. Lenart

Bowden cables - wire mechanisms for cable (bowden cables for hand - brake cable; bowden cables for opening motor cap)

TECOS - Slovenian Tool and Die Development Center

Optimization of plastic products and technology optimization of sheet products and tools manufacturing


Production of rubber products, comination of metal & rubber

Teve varnost elektronika d.o.o. Kisovec Planning and executing technical safety in objects, that are exposed to explosive gases, vapours of inflammable liquids and to flammable dust (chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, polishing plants, dangerous liquid storages, refinerys, separations, etc.).

TKG d.o.o., Ljubljana

Classical stamping which is made by excentric pressing machines; Special technology is the expression for fine stamping or with other words stamping without air; We can produce also very complicated products with the technology of forming in more steps (max. 12 steps); With the forming technology of the wire we can produce different rings, clamps, some types of springs and also some products for packing; Produces screws of small sizes ranging from 2 to 6 mm in diameter with the use of the most up-to-date technology of cold forming; Special Screws


Buses, trucks, tractors

TPV d.o.o.

Brake tubes forming, seat frames assembly, seat Bowden upholstry mechanism and metal components assembly, surface protection, metal sheets, bars and tubes welding, steel and aluminium sheet forming

TT Okroglica d.d.

Automotive products (car seat covers, headrests, and other owdenr): thermo-adhesive linings-pads laminated with PU-foam, linings - pads laminated with polyurethane foam, self-adhesive linings-pads, commission lamination

UNIOR d.d.

Connecting rods for cars and trucks, landing-gear and steering parts, camshafts, oscilation tubes, parts for control mechanisms, gearbox forks, valves for petrochemical industry, joint forks and other parts for the vehicle industry, forgings for hand tools of all kinds, including wrenches, pliers, hammers etc.


Microsystems design with integrated sensors, scene object recognition, automotive starters and generators development, discrete sensors development


Development evaluation of structures and participation in the development of metal and plastic parts and sets - car components


Introduction of ecologically sound materials and technologies development of shape memory AlCuNi alloys research and development of materials for turbocompressors optimization of thermochemical treatment of steel semiproducts for the automotive industry


Research and development of magnetic sets, reciprocating engines, systems of energy electronics, adjustment and control


Research and participation in the development of automobile industry products (bowden cables, springs and latches, batteries)

Var d.o.o.

Sheet metal forming tools, injections moulds tools, stamping parts, injection moulding plastics parts

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